Reunited at Last


Blow me off O’ wind,

Drop me off not, just anywhere you wish.

Take me to my lover’s nest,

Rest me on his couch of down.


I am happy tonight, as the way it is.

The words have ended and tonight,

There would be no talking.

Only love and love stretching out and around.


No more coldness. None of the desolation.

Only joy of winning my war at the end.

Of winning my love back, and protecting it.

Tonight is a night of celebration, for both us.


Of our destined sweet reunion that sparks between us,

That thrills my soul, coursing through my veins.

I won him back. I want nothing else.

O’ wind, take me to my lover’s nest and

Never blow me back.


One thought on “Reunited at Last

  1. Lira

    Interestingly this existential question of self-control. How have the ability to dominate us in every situation is our current reality is the contempt and the joys incompatible? The answer lies in the practice of reflection and self-control. We must also learn to deal with the circumstances. Living without letting the feelings dominate us, desires that enslave us. And above all, never give up on love, believe he has the power to strengthen and integrate as individuals, as families and as friends. Thank you for reflection, Cyril. Hugs.

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