A Smoky Conundrum


Light a cigarette?

I’ve given up my last puff.

Puff? Is that what its called now?

It kills me from the inside and still I don’t feel like blaming it,

by calling it smoke. For me it’s a caress, which I don’t find anywhere else.

Smoking is smoking whether you smoke or not…

Still I don’t feel like it.

I still cherish the memory of my last cigarette,

The secure feel of my impending end fading as my fingers dragged it away from my lips.

Right…I know nothing about smoking…

I don’t like the idea of staying not smoking, like I don’t like the idea of me living the long life of a hag.

A lonely hag.

You are not lonely…you have your friends.

Right, is that what you call aquaintances now? Or fellow prisoners? My friends, I’ve traded them away long ago.

But a Cigarette?

The cigarette is bitter but my life is more. Speak of time, and it will go on slow.

With a cigarette I gain more reason to feel it pass away.

It may be bad, but in a way, it’s good for me.

That’s what all smokers say….


6 thoughts on “A Smoky Conundrum

  1. What an outstanding viewpoint, nonetheless is just not produce every sense by any means discussing this matter. Just about any technique, thanks and also I had try and discuss your post directly into delicious but it surely appears to be an problem inside your blogging is it possible you need to recheck this. Thank you just as before.

    • Thanks Zari, I am very glad you tried to discuss my post, and even gladder about you liking it. I had just tried to writing out the complex matter in my head. Thanks again…:) Have a great day ahead…

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