Tales that seem to begin with a dot,

Usually tend to go on forever.

Life is too short for holding back joys.

You should shout that out loud,

You’re in love with yourself and the world.

From the top of your one storey-ed house.

Scared of sounding goofy, are you?

But then, to hell with the people, the world,

Though knowing nothing at all,

Pretend to know everything so well.


There is nothing awfully spiteful,

About being rude, cocky and snide.

The ‘WORLD’ constantly judges you like that.

So say, to hell with the people, so the world.

I know what is right and what is wrong.

If I love more than one thing,

So it is. Not wrong.

It’s only about time,

A decision should be made.

But remember always, with love,

A dot which means, at all times, an end,

Two more after that can stretch it towards infinity.

Maybe it’s not the right time,

Our tale hasn’t reached its end…


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