Frozen In Time


Dearest December,
How do I tell you how much I miss you, all throughout the year?
How I long for your return, for the touch of your icy fires
Over my dry, long forsaken skin, cracked for the lack of mist…
I pine for the memories with which only you wash my feet.
The flush you usher inside my dulled heart, your winds do not torment me.
As you are what my soul craves, the perfect time, the perfect state,
For many others you are just another month on the calendar,
But for me, you are an inseparable part, my eternal rest, an oasis.
Time and again, you remind me of the lost parts of my heart,
Lost for all of eternity, and yet, somehow in your name, they breathe…
Frozen in time, there is still a part of me that will live on and on.
Without guilt, without fear, I will dance in your storm,
Your arms will hold me from falling and breaking, it won’t happen twice
Without gravity pulling us apart, we’ll race through an ethereal field of wheat,
Buoyant hearts, leaping together to finally attain their peace together…
Time will pass, but you will always be, for me, frozen in time.


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