Live, Again


I love the present, with the waters and its flow.
Not knowing the unknown shores I am heading towards…
Sometimes it will thrash me on a beach,
I will explore it, the sand too will cleanse my feet,
A staff probably will keep me company,
The bushes, sometimes the rocks will offer me refuge.
Then one day, the dams will break again.
Washing away my home.
But now I know how to swim…
I’ll come up again, again to the sun’s grace,
A new home, and a new life.


15 thoughts on “Live, Again

  1. Reblogged this on whatevertheyaint and commented:
    With Cyril’s permission, I have reposted this piece. Wise words: Live in the present! Sure, we can “hope” and “anticipate” the future. We can recall and yearn for the past. But, unless you in a Stephen King novel, we can only “live” right now, in this second, in this active sense of time. Have a great Tuesday folks;-)

  2. thewolfonthebridge

    That is beautiful! Thank you for liking my post – I will look forward to reading yours 🙂 Bestest! Adrienne

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