Lost Pearls of One String


they were all the same,

when the string was first up for sale.

some a little rugged, some extra smooth,

pearls up for sale.

then it was broken,

every couple got a singled pearl,

to cherish, to marvel;

to put in a crib,

to shine their home.

the pearl in each house grew,

Differently apart. with

Different ambitions,

Different expectations,

and affections.

later, some seventeen,

eighteen years, after.

somehow they come back,

to meet under a roof again.

to become either an engineer,

or a doctor.

the couples who’d gotten them,

too come, to push them ahead,

choosing everything for them,

the road, the path, they ought to take.

the new string the pearls make this time,

only isn’t anymore appealing,

every pearl has lost it’s shine.

robbed of the individualities,

violated so much,

the sheen was grinded to dust.


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