• *first attempt at creating haiku*

it’s long,




wide awake

at this hour,

dawn passes by.


reliving the past,

pages haunt me.

a face lost now.


smiling portraits,

leaping for the sun.

a faded sepia.


language forgotten.

fire-slaked tongues

a river washes by.


night stars console

rains offer refuge

to a silenced heart.


5 thoughts on “night

  1. Fair attempt! With just a bit of attention to the number of syllables in each line, you’ll be well on your way. I’ve tried a little too but I’m not quite as brave to post yet 🙂

    • you should post too…otherwise how would you know of the mistakes? And thanks by the way. But it’s really my first attempts at writing haikus…
      thanks for your advice by the way, i’ll try to make them better according to norms.

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