Cliffette's Journal

I’m born of the uppermost caste, finally disgraced.

You are of that enemy side, the name, we must not take.

But still, by whose fault and curse, we met by the face?

Whose bad luck was it when I fell into the gorge?

Even though, never expected those answers.

But during those hot sleepless nights,

When my mind shuts itself out,

These questions come alive.

I thought it was just a pretty crush,

Which like a hangover drops with a lemon bite…

It’s over for you I know, I know it very well,

But I don’t know how the little ray of hope made rainbows.

How and when the crush became into admiration,

And admiration into dedication, devotion and obsession,

I never understood. Like a biological alteration,

You left wordlessly after giving me a lesson about true love.

I was emotionally bland first. You gave me the words,

And a…

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