tearing through the dull grey midnight

thunder comes clapping with a loud bang,

with a flashy warning sent a second ago–

usually missed by the busy people.


little girls jump and scream

hide under covers at night.

or run for their mothers’ arms,

behind shut doors, to keep it out.


but I hadn’t missed the warning,

so I dash out to hear it.

the sonic booming and the mad hale

as clouds break out in war.


taking the pleasure of the party,

of the drunk birds and dirt swirls,

I wish I had wings of wax,

to watch it from some place closer.


but later those would bring me my death,

when Apollo’s jealousy would melt the wax.

Maybe Daedalus could help me somehow,

but then he’s too is lost in his wargames.


my mortal eyes cannot see,

if it’s Zeus out there with his lightening bolt

riding his chariot, chasing the anemoi thuellai.

or it’s great Thor with his mighty Mjölnir.


I would never know for sure.

I’m content watching from afar,

hoping, hoping, hoping,

one day I’ll be among the stars.

@cyril cliffette, 2012


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