Me. Cyril Cliffette. Androgynous pseudonym.


I am 21 now, but from the moment I was thirteen, I found I had a very loud and unpleasant voice, because of which people around me always tried to shun. Since then I decided I should write as I have no other way of speaking, other than with my words, uninterrupted.

When I am cold, I am unbelievably hard and unmovable in my hatred that nothing can change my mind about it. On the other hand is I do not hate anything, until the very last point of forbearance and moral allowances. I love peace, beauty and balance. I try to love my life as I go ahead into it. I could better without a few people from my past who keep cropping up to ruin my present…

I am 21, standing ready on the threshold of my adult life, waiting for someone to just take my hand and pull me through. But it is as though I am born with some incurable curse that whoever it may be, I happen to start trusting in as a friend or well wisher, separately, unknown to me, also starts falling back on me, back-stabs me, ignores me leaving me to blame myself. Whoever I like, is also far out of my reach, (not the celebrity crushes) I mean socially unacceptable situations, well not exactly, since those stay crushes, and never reciprocated.

I’ve had an over simple childhood. And then the instant I was a teenager I was gifted with a super-duper over-complicated life. But inside my heart it’s one simple word, that keeps me going and that power is me. I know myself and that strongest I am when I’m being me.

Put the world aside, and at this socially small age, I have set out on my journey. I write books, I like to dream and write about artful life, fantasy, things we all wish to find our lives to one day attain. Perfection. I know I’m little out of luck right now, but soon my books will be out for general public. Then I hope I’ll have some of my peace. But then I’ll always be me.

I love you MyLutz,

Yours forever,

Hoping and waiting, Virginia


6 thoughts on “Me. Cyril Cliffette. Androgynous pseudonym.

  1. Being myself has always been frightening since my inner strength separates me from many or causes me to stand very alone yet being leaned on by many. Loved & understood deeply your post~thank you so much, Deborah

  2. Heya, girl…yet another great and strong post! Can’t wait to read your books, once they’re out. Any chance of you posting a few excerpts? 😉

    Also, a “loud” voice is awesome! Look at Ethel Merman, for instance…or Phyllis Diller, or whatshername with the weird mouth… 😉 If people can’t handle it, fork’em. They’re just jealous of your strong, solid presence. Speak up, girl! Let’em know you’re there! *hugs*

    KC & Co.

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