Solitary Musings #1


Will ever anyone read of my life,
As I read of my most revered idols…
Of my miserly life and my loveless strife,
How wishing stars turned into stark fireballs…

Keats inspired me most until a time,
To see how similar his life was to mine…
Shelley gives me dreams and Tennyson sighs,
Blake awes me, and Longfellow gives me a bye.

Tormented, each were by the world of love,
And yet, determined, to pave their grassy lane,
For others birds of the same feather to follow,
Their wings through the wildnerness, unharmed.

While standing before a foaming sea,
I feel like soaring as high with the surf.
Then footprints on the sand, reminds me
Of my unfinished life, and the miles of Frost.


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