Cliffette's Journal

O weary hearts! O slumbering eyes!
O drooping souls whose destinies
Are fraught with fear and pain,
Ye shall be loved again.

No one is so accursed by fate,
No one is so utterly desolate,
But some heart, though unknown,
Responds unto his own.

Responds–as if with unseen wings,
An Angel touched its quivering strings;
And whispers, in its song,
“Where hast thou stayed so long?”

—An Extract from ENDYMION, by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

There are great sayings with love, LOVE, as in the four lettered, much abused, much disputed, and yet, the most desperately sought for divine phenomenon in all of human history, takes quite a different course of action than most of us humans expect, like LOVE has been predestined to just magically come to us when we are actually ready for it, no matter, how hard we may need it, or how badly we have been…

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