– – one soul mate, that is me – –


As I see myself so happy, I am hurt.

There’s no reason for me to be happy anymore.

When my lips wouldn’t stretch further in a fake smile,

I find something wailing, unbearably loud, inside.

That shrill noise goes on breaching all my fortresses,

Setting to fire, my mighty monuments of fantasy,

And, ah, hope after all these years of pining in the inferno.

Sometimes I wish I could just pull it out of myself,

The deadly masque, which like symbiote,

Sticks to me, plays hoaxes through me.

The masque, that has slowly started,

To imitate me, but in subtle ways,

So very different.


Dreams that are never going to come true,

Why, O’ why, my dear heart,

Still so busy weaving them?

Why, wait for imaginary footsteps,

While living in a palace of glass,

In the middle of a desert lake?


At last like your only well wisher,

Like a hopeless Knight in shining armour,

For you, he never will be,

I wish to tell you of a few truths,

You’ve already always known as have I–

In the end, you will be the one, starkly alone.

Only your joy and blood will be hurt when,

Which already is too late, you decide it’s time;

To see the clear truths, that had been untouched all along.

That now you pretend to see and ignore.


7 thoughts on “– – one soul mate, that is me – –

  1. another very good poem my sister! I also wanted to let you know that i nominated you tonight for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! You are deserving because you are a inspiring writer with very good skills. If you accept and will open your site to more viewers. Be selfish with yourself for a change and embrace this joyful moment. As i have always told you…you are very special! You can check out my post tonight at my site. Congratulations my little wonderful flower! Your blessings are coming!

    • Oh, thank you so much!!! But I hardly think i am inspiring. I just write about my life and how I get past things that corrode our insides. But then, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So, once again I thank you for your blessing upon me, and I will accept it. But then will I also have to nominate inspiring bloggers, to pass down the award. Please guide me. I’m really very new here. πŸ™‚
      Sincerely, C

      • Begin with your supporting cast, any bloggers who always follow you…do they inspire you also? Are there bloggers in the midst on facebook. I know that a lot of people inspire you and love you like i do…you will get many more awards and when you do you show your apprecation to others most of the time, 7 at a time! Use my post as a model! And change it to fit your needs with your own words. You have the award, its given to those who inspire and will bring more viewers to your site to show the beauty of your words and your heart! You can do, for you have already done so much in your young life….i believe in you and love you my lovely sister and friend!

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