I will Remember Everything


Drip with all your stock of sweet golden honey,

Pour on me with some more of the hopeful bliss…

Lace me up with the bittersweet memory,

Of how we were together, at one, and twice.


Month, year, era, life will passes by,

Twigs, roots and time will intertwine.

We may part, and never meet again,

But this moment, on, will surely live forever.


3 thoughts on “I will Remember Everything

  1. Hello! I have just finished writing the post about the award you nominated me for, but just wanted to say that I had decided before you had given me the award that the next award i received would be passed onto you. However as it was you that gave me the award, I can’t really do so, but I have mentioned you anyway on my post. I wouldn’t expect you to write another post about receiving another award, but just for you to aknowledge i would have gifted the award back to you as your work is truely inspiring. Thank you!

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