Aphrodite is my patron,

of my kind, the doves.

we’re meant to be,


we do not tell half truths,

with such dexterity.

we confess sometimes,

with an open heart.

we’re best at keeping secrets,

and also the worst.

we love to love and want to be loved,

but rarely find it like we want.

but once we do, we cherish it forever.

and, never, never can we forget.

we see hope, the point where others give up.

cannot move on, if a bond we haven’t ended ourselves.

cannot take it when without a fault,

without an explanation, some bloke breaks us down.

we want peace, beauty and harmony,

doesn’t mean we submit,

to anyone, putting in a little pressure.

we’re guarded by the Goddess of Love, after all…

we fight. we love.

and some day,

one day, we make it

our innocent world in our innocent way.


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