An Attempt to Forget




Now, it’s all ominous chaos and ruthless scribbles, in your absence–just scraps, here and there.

The night haunts me, the silence presses on questions, I cannot answer…

Rebukes me, my heavy heart that falters, can’t speak of the last assault.

The remembrances, the little touches and your scars, the wish in me to heal the lines…

The stolen kisses, the shameless greed, and mischief, and indeed no one knew…

All of it, everything, rendered meaningless now, just goooooone in vain.


But I’ll find some broken kind of beauty in the blank there as well…

Prey to destiny’s unique, sadistic ambitions and schemes…here, I’m the fool again.

But, I’m not so weak, I will rise from the scraps and scribbles, life is after you,

Then, I also have the ghost of your words, the words, you sometimes, half consciously uttered..

Sometimes feeling burdened and indebted, taking pity on me, you showered.

Those words, violent for me, your name, sublime for me,

Will overwhelm me, and inspire me to live again…


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