The Thin Line


Life is now a stretch of eternal grey,

The lifeless transit tolls heavy on me.

The bones had just recovered

From the last catastrophic fracture…

When the glass was shattered again.

Life has gone into hibernation,

And yet something refuses to die inside me.

The metal window is dented forever,

After too many times the hammer beat on it.

However much I try to say otherwise,

My dreams had always been better than fair life.

That is why some people say, love is like walking a thin line,

Between insanity and gravity. Chaos and harmony.

It will bind you in, if you find your niche,

Or put you out to the mercy of the cruel world, if not.


7 thoughts on “The Thin Line

  1. Everytime you fall, feeling the pain…you rise again, as you grow and mature, you blossom more. I love your words my sister…never doubt your skill and ability…i have always loved what you write….what you share is important for many…move forward with the blessing of the Lords smile. Life is just beginning for you…write so heartily!

    • Thanks a lot really. Your words so full of inspiration are what makes me carry on writing, when I am at my lowest also, because I remember you and the few friends I have made over here, I feel like sharing. I feel so much lighter. šŸ™‚

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