Wishes to forget the past wounds wont bear fruit, I know.

Like hopes don’t germinate from wet ashes.

But thinking of you, I really wish, I could forget…

I shiver at certain thoughts, my wishes, some dreams.

Because, again to give it a thought, it’s impossible,

And can’t exist.

Like I’m Calypso reincarnated,

Cursed by the gods for all ages…

To live in an all consuming solitude.

The fates, ever so cruel have left me,

Absolutely no chance at redemption.

Now, as my saviour, they’ve sent me you.

But I know you’ll go away as well.

You have to.

But, I’ll always be here,

Not thinking, not hoping.

Scared to even give it a spare little thought.

Even fleetingly.

Terrified, I’ll ruin the spell.

The fateful moment has cast between us.

But I will never tell.

Like Midas I turn everything I touch, to cold metal.

Which, like statues, start dying on me.

One thought on “Accursed

  1. Witten so very well, yet so very sad! Not everything changes that way, to cold metal. Sometimes I would love to be able to touch everyone each day, and yet some moments slip by without a reminder to one i care about that they are important to me. It seems each day the new birthing pains come, sometimes they overwhelm me, i feel i have so much to do yet, but i feel powerless to do so. But I love what i have found in life, new sisters and brothers, the love of a wonderful God, love of family, and yet moments trek by. You have a wonderful life laid out ahead of you and to enjoy it, you have to begin with humbling your “self”, Then turn to the one who can only bring your peace each day…real peace and joy. Life is too short to be unhappy. Know that, i love you dear sister, you have always touched my heart and spirit with your words, for your spirit is beautiful to me a bright light that has been dimmed slightly by your unhappiness within…but smile for i know He loves you as do I. Sweet blessings to your Cyril!

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