It will rain and it will rain ♥



The air simmers, blisters. Induced hallucinations.

The cracked open mouth of wounded earth,

Seeped with blood red and covered with rust.

Centuries and eons of memories clouded by dust.


The fragile lines were breached once long ago,

The tempest had once rushed into my shore.

It’s been long and time has swept away the resort

The floods and waves of tide haunted me to drown.


Then the sea is just a embittered memory,

And it was a heap of sand I’d leapt into. Not death.

See, the passion had been sung well to drone.

To arise and laugh back, when mirages mock.


It’s been long I’ve lived scared to scraps and bolts.

It, the post traumatic stress disorder in me craving blood.

But I’m ready to go all out again, for surfing in the sea of love.

And she has to come out too, the madwoman locked in my head…


The fighter in me. The rebel. The poet. The lover.

The unchained philosopher, her storm unleashed.

Night has finally settled bets with daylight

There right there, fate’s let my midnight sun dawn.


Now again the tempest blows ashore, from the east.

The distant roars of the hungry cranky clouds resound

After flashes of desire reflecting his heart and mine.

After a long time I know, it will rain and it will rain.



3 thoughts on “It will rain and it will rain ♥

  1. Your words resonate so beautifully with such emotion! I am feeling them deeply but I am also pleased to see you share something again…I have missed your words dear sister…peace will come with the sharing of what lives within. God bless and much love to you always, and have a beautiful Sunday!

    • Thanks dearest brother, Sir! I’ve been in one of the darkest periods of my life. I’m finally out and I know finally and slowly my lost voice will find a way back to me. Thank you for all the love and blessings for which I have been able to recover from my fatal catharsis.

  2. matthewexeter

    I heard a sound in my head at the end bit, I just normally float off, and just recently see pictures. I rarely get sounds. it was thunder and then rain. hmm. I get music when I try to sleep at times, sounds hit me when I am eyes wide open in bed. But they dont usually synchronise with things

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