Shadows Linger Until Dusk


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Shadows Linger Until Dusk is Fantasy/Fiction novel written by Cyril Cliffette that go published in November, 2013. It is the first in the Shadows series, to be published by Partridge Publishers of Author Solutions, UK.

About the author

Cyril Cliffette is the pen name of Nirmita Sarma, a Guwahati-born, Assamese girl. She began writing very early in her childhood, first writing poetry and then moving on to write Fantasy. She began plotting this story when she was still in her seventh standard, and it took her six years to have it all ready. She quoted on this matter, “I was just so sick of everyone telling me all that I couldn’t do, that I can’t do, I decided, I’ll stop talking to everyone altogether. I’ll just write. They’ll read, of course, when I’ll have gotten published and they’ll know all that I want to do aren’t things they would’ve had any sense to understand in their lifetimes.”

This young author is just 23, and is currently pursuing her English degree at the University of Delhi.

Besides the book, she maintains a personal blog, named Cliffette’s Journal, which is a collection of some of her poems and articles.


The entire book is narrated by a single protagonist, Virginia Ryerson, a teen-aged girl from America who moves with her mother to London. She has some psychic powers which she cannot seem to control. She considers it her responsibility to control them, so she can lead a normal life with kids her age. What she doesn’t realize is that her constraint is only making her lose control over her powers which keep bursting out of her in spurt.

In her new school in London she meets Blake Scott, who casually asks her to call him Dusk. He has another infamous background, not like Virginia, but for being a prankster and still managing to charm everyone in their school. They become friends and over time she begins to fall for him.

There is separation ahead, and tragic accidents. Virginia finds herself test through and through to the last moment when she has to make the final decision, of which side she would take, good or evil of humanity or blasphemy. An adventure that will never end…


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