Breaking Free


Had been locked up inside my own mind, as if,

Tied by rusting chainmail to the icy castle of night.

So, didn’t even have to ┬áreally struggle, to get out,

My spirit, unbound, just by mere thought, broke free

Like a canon-ball of shiny metal set to blaze,

Just shot out of sight…


Dashing past the clouds of mist and ghosts from the past,

Unholy things, those were, by inches, couldn’t touch my light.

Everything burned along the path I trailed in my way,

The purest form of energy, like fire, now flowing through me.

Firmly ridden on the back of the mad, mad wind,

I reach for the haloed sunbeams pouring in thick abundance,

Through distant holes in the wide blue-white sky.


My quest for peace, finally sated for a while,

I wait at the gates of heaven, to open up.

I haven’t seen my God, and it’s been quite some time.


Live, Again


I love the present, with the waters and its flow.
Not knowing the unknown shores I am heading towards…
Sometimes it will thrash me on a beach,
I will explore it, the sand too will cleanse my feet,
A staff probably will keep me company,
The bushes, sometimes the rocks will offer me refuge.
Then one day, the dams will break again.
Washing away my home.
But now I know how to swim…
I’ll come up again, again to the sun’s grace,
A new home, and a new life.