Solitary Strider


Somewhere along the way, I climbed upon a rock,
Probably for a better view of the world with an owl’s eyes.
Embittered and haggard, desolate and windblown, I just stared.
Wishing for death, possibly, in some deep corner of my soul,
Wondered how it would feel like, to just let everything fade away…
With an owl’s eyes and a crow’s discomfort, I remember, how I could never fit in.
Clouds rumble in the distance, lightening cracks over my head.
I can only jump ahead, let everything just fade away…
Or jump back, away from my destiny, let it drag me for a little further…
All the while I just stare at world below, swelling like sea foam,
Ready to swallow me and thrash my corpse on its rocky coasts…
I just stare from up my solitary rock, maybe not thinking and not fighting tonight.
Probably the lightning would kill me, at least the sky would open up to me,
Taking me in and out.