Six Months Ago



Running around,
Screaming around <in my head>
With no questions to ask,
And all pain and guilt.

<Six months ago> You made me wipe away my tears,
<Six months ago> You had me smiling again,
<Six months ago> You had me listening to metal!
<Six months ago> You taught me to love…oo oo ooooo….

Love, love, love, <love, love, love, love, love>
Some mystery it is. <How it happened>
You’d know it all better. <Sure you do>
It’s easy to mistake,
But then it never is.

<Six months ago> It all changed.
<Six months ago> You changed it for me.
<Six months ago> You, you, you happened.
<Six months ago> And your cycle became my eternity.

Words, little words, ran out of mind. <my my, my, my, my>
Some mystery that is. <How it happened>
You’d know it all better. <Sure you do>
It’s easy to mistake.
But then is it?

I plead guilty, <I am I know>
But like all crimes, punish me. <Oh, don’t leave me alone>
You cut me off, like I’m made of paper.
You turned away, like it’ll undo the last six months.

<Six months ago> You spoke a spell, <or something like that>
<Six months ago> If you’d remember, we had something to fight for.
<Six months ago> Six months have passed, and it’s just hurting now.
<Six months ago> You killed us but then there’s the ghost of our laughter…

Taunting through the day and haunting the nights,
You’re out there, soaring up on sunny beaches,
With the tides and the sun, while in silence life leaks outta me,
Caught in the perpetual ice storm, you and life conspired to put me in.

<Six months ago> I wished to die, and fade,
<Six months ago> What I feel now.
<Six months ago> You came in and that changed.
<Six months ago> Now you’re gone and won’t come back again.

All I wanna apologize for is,
I really do miss you.
Baby, you were all the good things,
I believe life ever had to offer me, that I will miss.




the iron gates close on your face,

by the hour, takes no explanation.

not even beads of sweat,

or the four five bags slung on your arm.

the stairs outside can become your bed,

until the dawn of the morning,

or the dews flick your eyes open.

condemns you for the illegal activities,

you had been doing out so late,

to twenty-five year olds,

in uniforms.

even if it’s us youngsters,

won’t believe if we said we’re virgins!

friendship, it doesn’t accept.

just coolers blaring alarms everywhere,

the gate stands like a tombstone,

made of cold hard steel.

not like the sacred metal,

real iron is supposed to be.

ohoh, hadn’t I been talking about the gate?

mistake, the gate is made of iron,

that could be soldered away.

the coldness is in the mind,

who keeps the steel key,

who keeps it.

illiterate, and shut.

I have an answer now.

Next time, I’ll just sneak into the matron’s

Icy prison she mistook for a lavish manor.

Before the witch is back, I’ll copy her weapon,

Her upper hand during our battles,

And leave quietly.

Tonight the lock will be free,

To let whoever deserves to get past it.

And a few of their lovers as well.