My phantasmal lover



No matter how dark the clouds are,

You’re always there at the back of my mind…

And when I see no light, nor picture a silver lining,

I picture you before my closed eyes,

Standing there next to me on my window sill,

Looking at me, love brimming in your eyes

And I can smile again as widely as I can’t…

Turning the dark clouds to fluffy white.



the nostrils flared, the eyes quelled

the darkness creeps in when the shadows have all melt

it’s a hell, my soul, where my cold demons dwell.

but I know, it’s my heart, that’s still beating

against all reason, still, still feeling, still breaking.

underneath the skin, vomiting, shuddering,

a tiny little adorable cell of love is awakening,

soon to grow up to kill me like a cancer.



Torn in conflict,
Between fire and ice…
So much I want to do, but cant,
So much I have in me, that I cannot write!

It ain’t easy to continue down this path,
And Wisdom tells me I shouldn’t.
Nothing left ahead anyway,
Everyone’s forgotten,
A spell that bound us.

But I think I’m a wise fool.
Always in a rush,
Always buried in work.
I cannot even start to forget.