My “1st Very Inspiring Blogger Award”


I HAVE BEEN NOMINATED FOR MY FIRST “VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD” WENDELL A. BROWN a.k.a THE BROWN ONE POET, today. A VERY POPULAR AND EMINENT  BLOGGER, Wendell Brown and I share a brother-sister bond, and he is a wonderful poet and writer, who has a very sincere humble spirit which never fails to uplift my spirit whenever I’m, let’s say not in the best of my temperaments. He communicates so well, and with his gift of compassion his gentle use of words never fail to touch the spot on the heart that it marks for an aim. He is one of those special people who can deliver their messages well, along with the heart felt grace and continues to inspire all who get one taste of his gift, at his blog, I am honored and humbled by his kind gesture. The special thing about our world’s blog awards is that we have to see each other through our words…and they reflect our hearts. That is what really makes this award and others so very special…they are real from our own peers! Thank you, Wendell A. Brown for the sunshine you mix into my world more and more, every day.

Being nominated for this award I must follow some rules that go with it! And here they are–

1. Thank the person who nominated me!
2. Share 7 things about myself
3. Pass the award to 7 nominees
Number 1. I have already taken care of .
Number 2.

1. By language and culture, I am Assamese. And I am proud of all things associated with my motherland, that is Assam, India.

2. I have never been average. Either very bright or very dull. In the matter of school, dull would fit in perfectly.

3. I used to stutter badly as a kid, since I had a hundred different opinions progressively forming in my mind in real time.

4. But then I stopped talking like that altogether. Through writing I found, stuttering turns into musings and comparisons.

5. I identify myself as just a little fragment of nature, and thus do not deserve to be treated anything that exceeds an ant’s expectation.

6. My life has been hard for me, but I take it as a challenge every morning as I wake up and try to blend into the average crowd.

7. I love the number seven, thirty three, the sun sign Sagitarius, date, 20th Dec, 2007, and as of recently I love the feeling of being in love…It makes you rhyme! 🙂

Number 3.
Here are my nominees whose sites are all very inspiriing! I like to congratulate all of them for their very individually unique abilities! No site is the same and I enjoy all of them immensely! Do not pass them by…its worth the visit;

1. (sorry, he is inspiring, I can’t help with that. so, congrats for your 3rd…:P )



4. or





Breaking Free


Had been locked up inside my own mind, as if,

Tied by rusting chainmail to the icy castle of night.

So, didn’t even have to  really struggle, to get out,

My spirit, unbound, just by mere thought, broke free

Like a canon-ball of shiny metal set to blaze,

Just shot out of sight…


Dashing past the clouds of mist and ghosts from the past,

Unholy things, those were, by inches, couldn’t touch my light.

Everything burned along the path I trailed in my way,

The purest form of energy, like fire, now flowing through me.

Firmly ridden on the back of the mad, mad wind,

I reach for the haloed sunbeams pouring in thick abundance,

Through distant holes in the wide blue-white sky.


My quest for peace, finally sated for a while,

I wait at the gates of heaven, to open up.

I haven’t seen my God, and it’s been quite some time.