The Universe Model


The imagined 3-D Model of the #Big Bang.

big bang model

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Galaxy Model



Seeking thy Breath.


Another composition. I was trying to write a rhyming lyric, here is the out come. An AB-CD-EF verse.

I will tear down the face of heaven and spread it around thy paradise,

I will steal all the stars to release them to roam in thy wake like a thousand fireflies…

The meandering streams of light will wash through the grassy meadows wavering in the wind.

The flood to the the fire, and all in between will merge and slake, when love overflows its brink.

The torments ending when fighting through the tentacles of time and snares of evil fate,

I will find you, your arms, your warmth and lips. And here, again, I wake.

This isn’t really nice or promising, but I couldn’t think of a better twist to it, than making it all a dream that breaks when the fantasy reaches it’s prime. Hope you all like it.

Have a great day ahead. 🙂



The morning light touches me with a twinge of guilt,
When my sunken eyes peer through tear splashed glass.
The night of mighty dust gales had hidden stars from me.
The tempest of last night, has left my courtyard wet,
The rains washed my glasses clean, also the last tears.
Messed my hair, but smoothened out many other things.
The storm has passed now, now that morning’s hit the streets,
The winds, I had learned to tame, have blown me back home.

Till Death Do Us Part


Among a twirling shower of stars,
I wish to soar high into the sky.
In the arms of my angel I would lie,
A wisp of mist binding the two of us.

We’ve won our love after an eon of war,
We began with love, with eternity we’d end,
Sealed with a kiss, and a ring on my hand,
Together we shall be, till Death make us part.

This is the new dawn of our lives,
Our second heaven, but yet the best.
First Heaven, remember, was the time,
When we’d first found our love…

Wrapped up in the mellow musings
Our heavens will live on with us.


  • *first attempt at creating haiku*

it’s long,




wide awake

at this hour,

dawn passes by.


reliving the past,

pages haunt me.

a face lost now.


smiling portraits,

leaping for the sun.

a faded sepia.


language forgotten.

fire-slaked tongues

a river washes by.


night stars console

rains offer refuge

to a silenced heart.