The Lotus and The Dragon


The lotus cloud soars overhead,

Sailing across as if the sky was but a foaming sea.

Then follows the great dragon, flapping its brazen wings

Its talons reach to snatch the lotus flower.

Breathing out its nostrils full of flame.

There’s a battle going up there. Of chaos with peace.

Of the beast that tramples innocence.

How many battles must have been fought thus?

What of victors, what of who’s been paying for it,

No answers, my mind is already somewhere else.




Over the horizon I can hear the battle-cry,

See the tiny red flag you wave at our enemies.

Your chariot, splattered with the blood and soil,

Brings me back your sweat, and an end to my wait.

Our home’s been desolate, dusty, your guitar.

My incomplete letters fills my desk,

Letters, I wouldn’t send you to bring you home.

It’s our world, I know your fighting for,

I must be selfless, but how can I be?

Your shirt, I wear to bed, at night,

Your scent lulls me asleep, and dreams.

The ghostly  us, happy and together is one.

The cries sound nearer, the flag grows bigger.

I wish it wasn’t a dream, and it was really you,

Coming home, a victor.

Till Death Do Us Part


Among a twirling shower of stars,
I wish to soar high into the sky.
In the arms of my angel I would lie,
A wisp of mist binding the two of us.

We’ve won our love after an eon of war,
We began with love, with eternity we’d end,
Sealed with a kiss, and a ring on my hand,
Together we shall be, till Death make us part.

This is the new dawn of our lives,
Our second heaven, but yet the best.
First Heaven, remember, was the time,
When we’d first found our love…

Wrapped up in the mellow musings
Our heavens will live on with us.