A wilderness that won’t let you get lost!



There is a beautiful reserved forest area in north Delhi, a wild area that has been caged within the national capital city-state of Delhi. Although it’s usually too crowded by commuters and university students, the Kamala Nehru Northern Ridge still in its vastness provides you the joy of solitude, if you take the road less trodden on. I can assure you, in this wilderness you will not get lost!


Pictures from Last Winter…




Little feet once jingled with bells,

Used to run across your porch.

You picked up the babe

And put it behind the bars.


That was for its good you would say,

Maybe then, it needed your care.

But twenty years later it doesn’t,

Why then the confinements still reinforced?


It’s a lion’s cub, you got there, you may not realize yet.

And since you cannot harness a predator that magnificent,

Learn to let him out into the wild – he’s born to rule,

Not loiter around here and there, he isn’t a cat in your house…